General Information...

For General Information, Doctor Referral or Assistance call the Information Referral Service at the Upper Peninsula Medical Center, Suite #132, 906-225-3905 or 1-800-628-3333 (fax: 906-225-4518).
For Direct Physician Contact or After Hours call Marquette General Hospital Page Operator 906-228-9440 or 1-800-562-9753.

Direct Administrative Questions to...

Thomas F. Huffman, M.D., President 906-225-4500
Hugh M. Miller, Executive Director 906-225-3905


Appointments are made by the office you will visit. Please call 906-225-3905 or 1-800-628-3333 for assistance. Walk in care is available by the Superior Walk-In Center from the hours of 9:00am to 9:00pm, seven days a week.


There are two banks located in the Peninsula Medical Center. The Wells Fargo Bank is directly off the Waldo Street entrance and the Peninsula Bank is located in the Atrium. Both banks offer ATM services.

Bus Service (Transportation)

Marq-Tran drops off and picks up riders at the Main Entrance on McClellan Street 20 minutes after the hour and 10 minutes before the hour. Bus schedules are available at the information desk or call 906-225-1112 for Marq-Tran's local door to door service.


There are five elevators in the Center. They are located at each canopied entrance.

Emergency Service

If you have an emergency, or see someone in need of immediate medical attention please go to the office nearest you. In the event of a fire, tornado, etc.. listen to messages given over the public address system and follow directions.

Hotels & Motels

There are many hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts in the area. Many of them offer special rates to patients of the Upper Peninsula Medical Community.

Home Nursing

Home nursing services and the Medical Care Access Coalition are both available at the center.

Medical Center Hours

Most appointments are made between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM. There are some exceptions. The building opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM. If you have a question concerning hours, please call 906-225-3905 or 1-800-628-3333.


Building maps are located on each floor by all of the elevators.


A full service computerized pharmacy offers prescription medicines, over the counter medications, diabetic, ostomy supplies, specialized Home Health Care and patient counseling Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturday.

No Smoking

The center is a NO SMOKING facility. Thank you for your cooperation.


Wheelchairs are provided at the entrances to the Center for the patients convenience.

Miscellaneous Services

Lost & Found, Photcopying, Stamps, Vending Macines, Information, Special Needs. Contact the Corporation Office, Suite 132, or call 906-225-3905 or 1-800-628-3333.


Courtesy telephones are located at each canopied entrance.


Restrooms are conveniently located on all levels. Handicapped accessible restrooms are posted. Diaper Decks are provided in the 1993 Wing. A family restroom is also available, located on the lower level.


There are designated spaces for visitor parking at all entrances to the center.

Coffee Suite

The Coffee Suite is located in the atrium of the Center. Hours of operation are 7:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Shuttle Service

A shuttle service is available to patients going to and from the Center to MGH. Make arrangements by calling 906-225-3905 or going to Suite 132, the Information Office.

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